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Conference Prayer Retreat (Online)

Online Conference Prayer Retreats are preached retreats conducted via the zoom platform. The zoom link will be sent to you one day before the commencement of the retreat via the email provided by you.  There will be one presentation each day (about an hour), time for individual prayer and reflection. Some retreats may have optional group sharing to listen to God speaking through each other through respectful spiritual conversation.  These online retreats can be a short weekend retreat comprising 3 days or a longer retreat of 4 - 5 days extended over a few nights or Saturdays.

Following are the upcoming Online Conference Prayer Retreat in 2022:

    Retreat Director:   Bro Gerard Choo, SJ

    You have a unique Sacred Story. Your story is part of the ultimate Story: our salvation through God and His desire to draw each of us to Himself in infinite love and mercy. Your Sacred Story is enjoined with Sacred Stories of many pilgrims. In this online retreat, you are invited to join yours with the Sacred Story of Ignatius of Loyola.

    Date:  3/3/2022 to 6/3/2022 (Thursday - Sunday)
    Time:  8.00 - 9.30pm

    Retreat Director:   Fr. Albert Tan, SJ ,  Lilian Koh

    This retreat will be given in the form of the First Spiritual Exercises (FSE).  In this retreat, retreatants move through love and sin to mercy and wonder. As we track through the darker side of our humanity, in powerlessness and vulnerability, we are brought very close to God. When we sit in darkness, God becomes our companion there or leads us into the full light. Throughout this retreat we are gently invited towards the light of greater freedom in and for God.  During each online session, you will be guided through a prayer exercise, have time to journal and share in group spiritual conversation. You will continue further prayer exercises in your own time.

    Date:  10/3/2022, 17/3/2022, 24/3/2022, 31/3/2022, and 7/4/2022  (Every Thursday)
    Time:  8.00 - 9.30pm

    Retreat Director:   Cecilia Chai

    This is an online prayer series of four weekly sessions. There will be one session per week (5, 12, 19, and 26 April on Tuesday (8.00 -9.30 pm). During the sessions you will be guided to pray with Scripture, as well as other prayer forms that will help you grow more attuned to God's presence in everyday life.

    Date:  5/4/2022, 12/4/2022, 19/4/2022, and 26/4/2022 (Every Tuesday)
    Time:  8.00 - 9.30pm

    Retreat Director:   Bro Gerard Choo, SJ

    The Beatitudes embody the Christian vision and opens us into encounters with God’s compassionate mercy. Praying the Beatitudes carries us from bondage and false illusion to a life of joy and personal intimacy with God.  Praying the Beatitudes leads to a transformation into the person of Christ.

    Date:  1/5/2022 to 4/5/2022 (Sunday - Thursday)
    Time:  8.00 - 9.30pm

    Retreat Director:   Lilian Koh

    This is an online prayer series of four weekly sessions.  There will be one session per week (7, 14, 21, and 28 June on Tuesday (8.00 -9.30 pm).  During the sessions you will be guided to pray with Scripture, as well as other prayer forms that will help you grow more attuned to God's presence in everyday life.

    Date:  7/6/2022, 14/6/2022, 21/6/2022, and 28/6/2022  (Every Tuesday)
    Time:  8.00 - 9.30pm

    Retreat Director:   Fr. Geoffrey (Monty) Williams, SJ

    A look at the spiritual journey through the Four Weeks of the Spiritual Exercises with: 

    As It is In Heaven as an overview;                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ground Hog Day as Week 1: Discovering our traps and the way to be freed from them;                                                                                                                        My Octopus Teacher or Intouchables as Week 2: Learning to love the life you are given;                                                                                                                      1917 as Week 3: Loving Others as God loves you;                                                                                                                                                                                       Up as Week 4: The New Life that awaits us even in this life.          

    Each week in the series commits the participant to private prayer based on the film shown; small group sharing; and a weekly presentation which introduces the theme of the Week and allows time for questions.

    Date:  Sept 3, 10, 17, 24, and Oct 1, 2022  (Every Saturday)
    Time:  8.00 am - 12.00 noon 

    Schedule: 8.00 am : Small group sharing (except on Sept 3) 

                     9.00 am : Input 

                   10.00 am : Movie screening

    Suggested Donation Amount: RM 175 for Malaysian and SGD 175 for Others

    Retreat Director:   Fr. Michael Hansen SJ

    "The Heart of Mary as seen through the heart of St. Ignatius"

    This is a special online retreat of six days praying the Heart of Mary. There will be a retreat session online each night and different prayers to meditate each night. These prayers have been specially written for this retreat by the Ignatian author and spiritual director Fr Michael Hansen SJ. 

    Each night, the prayers will focus on a different Mary that Ignatius loved and who was important in the big moments of his spiritual life. So over the whole retreat, there will be twenty five faces of Mary with twenty five Ignatius events, as follows: 

    Our Lady of Daily Life : Day 1. Our Lady of family life, of childhood, of daily prayer, of home life, of daily work. 

    Mary of Parenthood : Day 2. Mary of commitment, of friendship, of child birth, of compassion, of parenthood. 

    Madonna of Choices : Day 3. Our Lady of consolations, of thorns, of pilgrims, of vows, of mission. 

    Mother of the Son : Day 4. Blessed Mother, Mother and Son, Mother of all, Sorrowful Mother, Virgin Mary. 

    Santa Maria of the Way : Day 5. Our Lady of travellers, of the sea, of protection, of the way, to she who guides. 

    Spiritual Conversation : Day 6. Review retreat and resources. 

    St Ignatius chose places, altars or feast days of Our Lady to mark the most important and decisive steps in his life. This was not only an act of devotion but a desire for Mary’s help and intercession with particular things he really needed, even life itself. Likewise, our retreat will be an affectionate journey with Mary and Ignatius seeking their aid and intercession. 

    You bring your desires and the things you need to each rosary and decade. 

    Marian images, special reflections and prayers will be provided in a take-home book of The Ignatius Rosaries. No experience needed in praying the rosary or matters of faith. 

    Date:  To be confirmed
    Time:  7.30 pm - 8.30 pm 

    Suggested Donation Amount: RM 175 for Malaysian and SGD 175 for Others

Spiritual Direction (Online)

This online spiritual direction is a process of one-to-one conversation between you and a spiritual companion to help you understand how God is at work in your daily life.  A spiritual companion will be available to offer a listening ear and support in a trusting environment to help you look at your relationship with God and respond to God’s invitation in the spiritual practice of your daily life.

Spiritual direction is for you if …….

  • You are serious with your prayer life and has been praying regularly.
  • You desire to explore your experiences of God with a trusted spiritual companion.
  • You want to deepen your spiritual life journey and awareness of how God is communicating with you in your life.
  • You are seeking for a deeper personal and spiritual growth in your faith journey.

Spiritual conversations can be conducted on the telephone via video call or whatever way that works best for you and the spiritual companion.  These sessions will be treated with utmost confidentiality and respect.

Suggested Donation Amount: RM 35 per session for Malaysian and SGD 35 per session for Others

If you feel a need to have regular spiritual direction, please click below to Register.  We will get back to you as soon as we find a spiritual companion who is available for you.  If you need further assistance, please drop an email to

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Directed Prayer Retreat (Online + Open date).

Dates: Suggest your preferred dates
Duration: Depend on the request
Participants: Case to case basis depending on the availability of our retreat directors
Suggested Donation Amount: RM 35 per day for Malaysian; SGD 35 per day for Others

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