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    A retreat is a time of quiet for prayer and reflection, when you can get away from the demands of daily life to be attentive to the spirit of God within you.

    1. You must have proof of full vaccinations (2 doses plus booster) displayed on your MySejahtera. It must also display that you are “Low Risk”. Your Covid-19 status must be refreshed on the date of travel to MRH.

    2. You must have a PCR/RTK negative test result at least 24 hours before the first day of retreat.

    3. For longer retreats of 5 days and 8 days, a second negative self-test on Day 3 must be produced. Please bring along a self-test kit or buy from the house-keeper.

    4. You are not elderly above 70 years old with underlying medical conditions.

    5. Children below 18 years old are not encouraged to attend.

    6. Please bring along your own supply of face masks and hand-sanitizers. The list of in-house safety protocols will be given to you upon checking in on the first day of retreat.

    Online retreat is conducted using the Zoom platform whereas Onsite retreat is conducted at our retreat house at Janda Baik, Pahang. All retreatants for Onsite retreat are required to stay in the retreat house.

    A Conference Prayer Retreat has scheduled talks (prayer conferences), given by the retreat director whereas a Directed Prayer Retreat is an individual prayer experience, guided by a spiritual companion with whom you will meet each day.

    An Online Directed Prayer Retreat is a retreat designed for people to experience God’s grace in the midst of everyday life. All prayers and reflections are done at your home site according to your own daily schedule.

    This online retreat is conducted via Zoom and the link will be sent via email one day before the commencement of the Retreat. You can use phone or computer to participate in this retreat.

    No. All faiths (except Islam) and denominations are welcome.

    All of our retreats are silent. You are expected to maintain silence throughout the retreat so that you can be attentive to your inner self and God.
    It is not advisable to attend only part of a retreat, or to leave a retreat and then return later.

    It varies according to the type, duration, and mode of the retreat. The amount of donation will be stated on the registration form.

    Please bring with you:
    -     Your favourite bible, journal book and writing materials;
    -     Comfortable and casual clothes, a light jacket /shawl, a personal bath towel, toiletries (toilet paper, bed linens, and blanket are provided);
    -     Flat soft-soled sandals for indoors;
    -     Mosquito repellent - mosquito coils are not allowed; and
    -     Personal medicines and dietary food.

    A generous disposition of gratitude to God's generosity and graced gifts; a respectful presence of welcome to the praying community present at the retreat; a commitment to the reading of scripture contemplatively; and in interior and exterior silence and stillness open to "know that I am God". The retreat is about God and God's direct and personal relationship with you.

    Help make MARANATHA a sanctuary of grace where all who come can experience God’s love, forgiveness, gentleness, mercy, joy, and delight in all things. And see all things in God.

    A serene, quiet peaceful ambience for prayer; Comfortable, clean surroundings and wholesome meals; and Eco-friendly natural environment, friendly to God's small creatures.